NATIONAL SCIENCE CENTER invited WORLD’s No 1 Brain Science Expert, Best Memory Trainer, Dr. Vinod Sharma at Summer Camp Workshop on Brain Science & Memory Techniques.

Brainywood is an Ed-tech company engaged in research & development in the field of innovative learning and brain science. With our seminars, workshops, institutes, & franchisee training models, we have curated a nationwide presence. We aim to instill the skills of memorization, retention & recollection in the youngsters so that preparing for exams, giving the exams, and any other activity becomes easy for them. The concept of learning is not taught in schools, hence it remains a mystery to youngsters as to how they can learn & prepare for their exams in such a way that they don’t forget it when they see the paper in front of them, or ever for that matter.

Similarly, our techniques & purpose was impressive to the authorities of the National Science Centre as well. With the start of summer vacations, summer camps have started too with all sorts of skill based courses taking their rounds. Our Founder & CEO Dr. Vinod Sharma, World’s No. 1 Brain Science Memory Expert, was invited to deliver a workshop for parents and introduce our Brain Science & Memory Techniques course to them as the summer camp commenced there. 

Dr. Vinod Sharma, a Brain Science Expert, is a Guiness World Record Holder himself. He has also trained many students and have turned them into a World Record Holder themselves. With over 11 years of research in Brain Science, he has created the course & course material himself from scratch. He has worked hard and has brought Brainywood to the position of No. 1 Brain Science company in India. We are a government recognised institute & have tie-ups with various state boards of education and are a helping hand in the development of students across India.

The Brain Science workshop at the National Science Centre was attended by over 70 parents. This hour-long workshop was designed in a way that helped parents in understanding the importance of right techniques for learning. A number demo was also done by our brain science expert, Dr. Vinod Sharma, which was applauded by the audience. The memory techniques and cognitive enhancement strategies served to be the highlight of the day. From mnemonic devices to parts of the brain, visitors were introduced to ancient methods and modern advancements designed to optimize learning and retention. Interactive nature of the workshop provided insights into practical applications, empowering visitors to harness the full potential of their cognitive faculties.

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