Ajmer learns Memory Improvement Methods through Mnemonics

Memory Improvement Methods through Mnemonic or Brain Science Training brings out instant results as the fear of forgetting gets away. Vinod Sharma in his workshop conducted at Hotel Grand Xenia, Ajmer on July 29, 2018 spoke about interesting methods of learning Shopping List, Long Digits, English Vocabulary and even General Knowledge.

Vinod Sharma, India’s Best Memory Trainer and Brain Science expert was addressing audience which largely comprised of students. Mr. Sharma spoke about preparation of exams with The Memory Improvement Methods in detail. Unlike common perception, such training is simple, short and inexpensive. Vinod Sharma has floated an online application, Digital Mind Online Software to facilitate such Memory Training Methods from anywhere, anytime.

Usually, student’s poor performance is exams is attributed to so called Poor Concentration. However, Vinod Sharma revealed that concentration is driven by interest. Our education system has to become more interesting so that students could enjoy their studies even during exams. If it’s not interesting already, such Memory Improvement Methods can make it interesting through Visualization, Association and PMS (Personal Meaning System).

Personal Meaning System is for instance, a method to make a meaningless word into a meaningful picture with action. Its easy to remember what we see. So PMS in combination with other Memory Improvement Methods, helps to remember difficult words from GK, English, Science and other technical education.

Mr. Vinod Sharma, conducts such workshops regularly. Here is a list of few workshops and sessions on Brain Science Training conducted by him:

Seminar by Vinod Sharma at Steward Morris School in Bhilwara

Guest Speaker at Cultural Program & Book Launch

Teacher’s Start Up Seminar in Jalandhar

Terrific Seminar in Beawar, Rajasthan

Memory Training at Sultanpur, Punjab

Some of the glimpses from recent workshop in Ajmer:


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