Art of Studying may help in achieving 100% marks

How often is it possible to secure 100% marks in exams? While there are all kinds to training available for every major human skill, a training on “How to learn” is not widely heard of. In the words of Mr. Vinod Sharma, who is the best Memory Trainer, this is called, “Art of Studying!”

In this series, he is discussing several memory techniques or brain training tips which will drastically reduce the time of learning and still increasing accuracy. His students have even proved with their results, that using these techniques which are also called Memory Techniques or simply Mnemonics, one can even secure 100% marks.

To establish this, Mr. Sharma talks about several simple Brain Training Experiments in a Training Program compiled in few hours of class room training, supported by loads of practice sessions which makes the learning experience easy and interesting too. His organization, Brainywood – Best Memory Training Institution in India, is taking this training within reach of students. Small Art of Studying Center or BITS (Brain Induction Training School) are being opened up opening not just the opportunities of Effective Learning, but also a Profitable Opportunity for people who wish to work, earn and grow in Educational Industry.

Some of the Art of Studying techniques or experiments are listed below:

  • Imagination
  • Rhyme Method
  • Phonetic Method
  • Personal Meaning System
  • Memory Chess

In the forthcoming articles in this series of Art of Studying, these techniques will be explained. If you have a question, send us your details and we will respond back:



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