Be a Brain Science Trainer

Here is an exciting opportunity to become an owner of Educational Institution. Brain Science India invites Teachers & Trainers for an Educational Meet on November 3, 2019 in Ajmer.

Brain Science and Mnemonic Training is now appreciated world wide as it has time and again proved to be extremely helpful in studies, particularly during memorising. Lead by Guinness World Record Holder, Mr. Vinod Sharma, our organization aims to spread this training all over India. To achieve this, we are inviting prospect Entrepreneurs who are looking for a Satisfying Educational Career. 

Be a Brain Science Trainer

You will not just understand how effective such training is right in front of you, but will also get to know how this Business has the potential to give you sustained, long term, handsome income while being noble and appreciable to students and parents at the same time. 

To know more, contact on the number given or register yourself on the link below:


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