Vinod Sharma - Best Memory Trainer and Expert

Here is an exciting opportunity to be a Trainer. Brainywood is looking for energetic minds who wish to deliver skills and knowledge. Knowledge multiplies through sharing. Not only this is a Noble and exciting thing to do, it is also a Bright and Rewarding Career.

In the words of Vinod Sharma, who is a Memory Trainer himself, “Be a trainer.. A passionate trainer…. Trainer is one who translates knowledge into skills… If you give someone 100 Rs that will help him for one day, if you give 1000, it will last for 10 days, you give anything, or any amount of money, that will end some day. These are perishable, these will keep on decreasing along with time.. But if u train someone,  if u give knowledge and skill, that will run forever. Skill is eternal… Never ending asset. It will keep on increasing along with time.. It will keep on passing through generations.

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