Mr. Vinod Sharma attempts to educate about modern means of learning through Brain Science and Memory Training. Adding to his Memory Seminars, recently he addressed people of Noida, UP where audience looked determined to adopt this interesting method of learning.

When and Where?

January 13, 2019 at GS Garden, Noida

Report from our Team

On 13th January 2019 a seminar was conducted by Mr. Vinod Sharma in Noida at G.S. Garden. The seminar was organized by Mr. Neeraj Jain who has now become a part of brain science family.

The seminar started at 10:00 in the morning, and continued for two hours, where Mr. Vinod Sharma was welcomed by lighting the lamp. After that the introduction video was played on the projector describing the achievements of Mr. Vinod Sharma that how he has achieved the GUINESS WORLD RECORD in India regarding the concept of memorization and mnemonic science and how he started training so many people about the concept of brain science looking at the current situation of the students.

150 people attended the seminar when Mr. Vinod Sharma introduced the public about the concept and importance of the different methods of brain science. He explained that how our brain is working and what is the basic of recollection.

He talked about the pressure which the students are facing these days as the syllabus are so wide and how learning has become the most difficult part for the students these days.

At the end of his speech, he concluded the importance of brain science being introduced to the children which actually makes learning easy and fun and how it also helps in increasing the memory of the students as it’s the present need of the students.

The audience looked very impressed and acknowledged the reality of the present time. They were convinced to send their children for the study of brain science.

Event Glimpses in Photos


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