Brainywood – Best Memory Training Institution in India

Brainywood, a venture of World Innovative Brain Sciences works for spreading awareness and initiative of reforms in current education methodology as well as study process. It aims to work with new vistas in field of brain science in order to remove pressure of studies and exams, and to rescue the students from committing suicidal attempts.

Nowadays, students are being observed with:

  • Tremendous pressure of studying and education competition
  • Drained out in desperate efforts of scoring higher marks

Brainywood aims to empower students making study enjoyable and reducing the study time, and to have brain skilled on multiple skills and intelligence. It has a vision of Coaching Center Free India as most of the student’s life is consumed in coaching centers, memorization and revision. Brainywood Project attempts to train students on Memory Techniques or Mnemonics so as to enable them to learn fast. Following is the team associated:

  1. Vinod Sharma, Memory Expert and Trainer
  2. Rajneesh Suwalka
  3. Rahul Jain
  4. Ritu Jain
  5. Megha Mathur Sharma.

To know about the Brainywood Project of World Innovative Brain Sciences, visit their website

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