Brainywood India Cross the Boundaries : MOU Signed between Brainywood India and Prones Asia Group, Chairman Mr. Manimaran Suppiah.

In a groundbreaking development for the education and technology sectors, with the Best Memory Trainer and Brain Science Expert, Dr. Vinod Sharma, Brainywood India, a leading Edu Tech startup, recently formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the esteemed Prones Asia Group, under the dynamic leadership of Chairman Mr. Manimaran Suppiah. This strategic partnership, which includes an Intelligent Meet scheduled on July 24, 2023, with the esteemed participation of Sri UCSI School, Yayasan Negeri Sembilan, and Zenith International School, marks a new era of collaboration and innovation at the intersection of education and technology.

The Collaborative Vision:
The MOU signing ceremony is not just a formal agreement; it symbolizes the convergence of shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence. Brainywood India, renowned for its pioneering work in leveraging brain science techniques and Science of Recollection for enhanced learning outcomes, has found a strategic ally in Prones Asia Group, a conglomerate with diverse business interests, including technology solutions.

Brainywood India’s Expertise:
Brainywood India, founded by Dr. Vinod Sharma and Mr. Dhruv Suwalka, has established itself as a trailblazer in the Edu Tech sector. The startup specializes in developing technology-driven educational content, Science of Recollection and platforms that optimize learning experiences for students across diverse age groups with the best memory trainer and brain science expert.

Prones Asia Group’s Diverse Portfolio:
Under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Manimaran Suppiah, Prones Asia Group has carved a niche for itself in various sectors, including technology solutions, infrastructure development, and strategic consulting. The group’s commitment to transformative progress aligns seamlessly with Brainywood India’s mission to revolutionize education through innovation.

Key Objectives of the Collaboration:

Technology Integration: The collaboration seeks to integrate Brainywood India’s innovative educational technologies with Prones Asia Group’s technological expertise. This includes exploring the development of advanced learning platforms, interactive content, and adaptive technologies.

Educational Outreach: The partnership aims to expand the reach of Brainywood India’s brain science techniques in education to a broader audience. Collaborative efforts will introduce these methodologies in diverse educational settings, benefitting students and educators alike.

Research and Development: Both entities are committed to investing in research and development initiatives that push the boundaries of educational technology. The collaboration envisions the creation of cutting-edge solutions that redefine the landscape of digital education.

Intelligent Meet on July 24, 2023:
The Intelligent Meet held on July 24, 2023, the distinguished participation of Sri UCSI School, hosted by Principal Dr. Jeffrey J Louis Adaikalasam, Yayasan Negeri Sembilan (Negeri Sembilan Foundation) hosted by Dato Nazri Kasim and officials of Yayasan NS College, and Zenith International School hosted by Director Mr. Jaiendran and Principal Dr. Inderajit. This collective assembly of educational leaders promises to be a forum for robust discussions, idea exchange, and collaborative planning for the future. Where Zenith International School took initiate and set up Brainywood Brain Science Lab in their School premises.

Chairman Mr. Manimaran Suppiah’s Vision:
Chairman Mr. Manimaran Suppiah expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and the upcoming Intelligent Meet with such esteemed participants. He highlighted the transformative potential it holds for the education sec…

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