Business Opportunity with Educational Celebrity Speaker

Vinod Sharma, Memory Expert, Trainer and a Educational Celebrity Speaker in India, in this video, explains Brain Induction Training Institutes or BITS which has paved way for Entrepreneurs towards High Earning and High Respect.

Vinod Sharma has delivered hundreds of seminar on varied subjects and is a Guinness World Record Holder in Memory Lessons. He is associated with Taxway Brain Sciences and Brainywood. Vinod Sharma has spoken at various platforms like:

  • Annual Events of Schools
  • Educational Seminars by Institutes
  • Events by Social Organizations
  • Special Training Programs
  • and many others

Anyone who believes that Education Business is a very good, respectable career platform, may start with BITS in their area or locality. To know more, read: Open A Brain Science Training Center: WHY?

Who can startup such center?

  • Any school or teacher
  • Housewives
  • Educational Institutes can add it as a new exciting service
  • Graduates / Post Graduates seeking a low investment but futuristic opportunity

To know more, watch the video or Contact us! Also read Brain Induction Training School

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