Applications of Memory Techniques presents interesting methods to learn quickly. We have discussed previously about how Memory Techniques makes learning easy, fast and remembered longer. Let us look, how we can apply it to learn simple to complex portions of education.


To memorize anything, we need to apply the principle of imagination which means that we need to form a visible image of every word we are trying to memorize with the help of our memory techniques. To resemble an image from a word we need to think of a tangible object which sounds like the word.

Let us try with an example. Telephone was invented by Graham Bell. Now it’s a very popular and renowned fact and most of you might know it already. But let us apply our memory principle to it.

Telephone is already visible and we can remember of a vintage, old telephone with dial pad like this:

Now let’s move to the most important part. Telephone was invented by Graham Bell. Funny thing here is, had the telephone been invented by your great grandfather or your neighbours great grandfather, it would have been very easy to remember. But we can safely assume that Mr. Graham Bell can be forgotten easily as he is not in your visual memory.

So how do we imagine Graham Bell? Let’s try to find a word which closely resembles Graham Bell.

Graham may be closely resembled with a Hindi word, “Garam” which means Hot. With practice and our further articles in “How to” series, you will learn to resemble quickly and easily. So Graham Bell sounds like Garam Bell or Hot Bell. Think of a very hot bell.


Now we have a word ready to be associated with the question. Association is the process of making a meaningful relation with some action

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