How to learn with Fun in a Stress Free Manner

Learning has always been the most important part of academics. The more you learn (memorize in particular), the more you are supposed to be prepared for exams. And the more you are able to retain and recollect, the more your marks will be which is everyone’s ultimate goal.

But learning is tiring. Very few want to spend their time in memorizing lessons. And curiously, just memorizing things is not enough ! You will have to prove it that you have learnt by writing your papers. You are able to answer your papers only when you retain most of what you memorized. Recollection is the concluding and rewarding part of your overall learning and its not easy too. Even if you would have memorized much more than what you would have liked to, getting good results is not guaranteed because for that to happen, you need to retain it from the time you learned it, till the time you are required to recollect it. You learnt, but you forgot what you learnt, is considered as good as you didn’t learnt at all at the first place.

So now we know that Learning (Memorizing), Retention and Recollection, all together are very very important for you to succeed in your scholar life. But it’s not fun ! 

Dr. Vinod Sharma who is Guinness World Record Holder in Memory Training has been training students and teachers since more than 10 years about Brain Science which makes learning easy and fun filled. When memorization is easy and entertaining, it becomes stress free too. In the following video, Dr. Sharma uses “Bahubali”, a popular Indian film. 

Dr Vinod Sharma will help you understand that how visualization is of utmost importance when it comes to memorizing, and retention things. Brain Science Training uses same approach to help kids learn, and in the most fun and stress-free manner!

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