Learn Vinod Sharma’s secret to Brilliant Memory

Exams are too close and you haven’t learnt your lessons. Worry not. Learn amazing Memory Techniques by National Record Holder Vinod Sharma right from the comfort of your place. Use your computer or your mobile phone to access scientifically designed content.

See it in action


So why you should enroll for this Digital Mind Course?

  1. Only Rs. 1500 for 1 year access of 10 hours of videos
  2. Convenient option to register online or through our Distributors
  3. Content available on your Mobile phones too so you can learn even while travelling
  4. Special Mnemonic Dictionary to improve your English Vocabulary
  5. 12 interactive chapters (more will be added)
  6. Quiz at the end of each chapter to monitor your progress
  7. Learn at your own pace, place and time
  8. Review chapters you have already studied whenever you want
  9. Access to National Championship where you could win attractive prizes
  10. Certification at the end of each course


For Bulk Access and Distribution in your area, Contact us.

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