People of any language, any region can use Memory Techniques to learn faster and remember longer, speaks Mr. Vinod Sharma as he delivered seminar in Barpeta, Assam, region from eastern borders of India.

Mr. Vinod Sharma conducted a seminar in Barpeta District of Assam on 20th January 2019, being organized by Mrs M. Goswami, where Mr. Vinod Sharma was welcomed in a complete Assamese tradition where he wore white big rounded cap and a muffler at his neck, also following the tradition of lighting the lamp.

The pressure of examination, learning on time was the main focus of Mr. Vinod Sharma where he explained that now in today’s time learning has become such a pressure part for the students and how the burden of syllabus is increasing on the children. He told about the myths students have while learning. For that he gave an example of Number Demonstration through which he explained that following many more such methods or scientific techniques the memorization power could increase in a great way.

The seminar was being attended by 200 people for about two and a half hour. At the end of the seminar students with their parents reached to the counter section where more than 30 forms were filled for the admissions of the students at the same time. 


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