Lab experiments and Machines for Memory Training by Vinod Sharma

This sounds crazy. Can there be a machine to help you memorize? Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary has invented many gadgets to make the learning process simple. Vinod Sharma uses these simple techniques in Memory Lab. Well, now you want to know, how it will help you in studies? Vinod Sharma has an exhaustive list of lessons which can be memorized through 17 experiments of Memory Lab.

Lab experiments and Machines for Memory Training by Vinod Sharma

  • Memorizing shopping list
  • Method of concentration
  • Memorizing points of speech
  • Memorizing 40 item shopping list
  • Memorizing General Knowledge
  • Memorizing Country, parliament, currency and capital
  • Memorizing minerals and Place
  • Memorizing sequence of events
  • Memorizing long list like of Presidents of India
  • Memorizing appointment
  • Memorizing shopping
  • Memorizing vocabulary
  • Memorizing house Numbers
  • Memorizing date of birth
  • Memorizing telephone numbers and long digits
  • Memorizing melting point, boiling point, atomic no, atomic mass, valences, etc.
  • Periodic table
  • Mathematical tables, square roots cube roots etc.
  • Memorize 100 years of calendar
  • Memorizing historical dates and events using colors to eliminate confusion while recollecting various categories of information
  • Memorizing locations, contents, minerals, states and their coordinates
  • Learning any other foreign language
  • Memorizing definition
  • Remembering difficult words
  • Remembering diseases, drugs, symptoms, classification etc.
  • Learning scientific terms.
  • Expanding your mental storage system
  • Formulae
  • Equations
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Long theory, History dates, Geography maps
  • Memorizing complicated theory with difficult terms and symbols, data etc.

See the Memory Lab Machines being described by Memory Expert and Trainer, Vinod Sharma

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