You may have the best computer in the world but if the hard disk of that computer is empty, it contains no software, no data. Then even that computer is of no use. To make the computer worth using you have to put data or we can say memories in it.

Exactly like this even in our brains.. every talk, every knowledge is kept in the form of memories. If anything in your house is not kept in a proper manner or it does not have any proper place to be kept than it is very obvious that the things would definitely get lost. What do we always think is that if we are not able to find the things than the things are lost, but, still they are present in the house. Its just the matter of fact that it was not kept on a proper place. In the same way even our brain is working. To keep all the memories in order we take help of Imagination and creativity. 

Imaginative Association
Association could also be said as linking. If two things are not linked with each other than you have to remember both the things separately, but if an association is being created between them, then, if you remember one thing than the other thing will automatically click in your mind.

Let us understand this by taking an example from the world geography. Some countries are very well known for their minerals and metals. For example, maximum quantity of copper is found in Chile, maximum availability of Bauxite is found in Australia. Maximum production of diamonds is done by Russia. China is known for its iron ore content. Maximum production of Platinum and Manganese is done by South Africa. Now to keep it as a permanent memory there is no need of repeating the names again and again. Rather than that we can take help of our imagination to remember all the names and for what they are famous for, by just creating an association between them. Now we know that copper and Chile has a connection with each other, so to memorize that, by using our imagination we will create an image as if that there are so many chillies and you have rolled them up with copper wires.

Similarly you can imagine that for bauxite you can create an image of Boxing gloves and can image that a kangaroo is wearing boxing gloves and is fighting in the ring. For diamond and Russia, you can take an image of a Rassi (rope) and on that diamonds are being hanged. For China we can imagine chini (sugar) and can imagine an iron box with it. So think that sugar is kept in an iron box. And for platinum and manganese found in south Africa, you can think that there are guests from South Africa, arrived at your place and you have given them something in a Plate and has also given a magazine to read. This is how by using your imagination you can remember a lot of things.

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