Seminar by Vinod Sharma at Steward Morris School in Bhilwara

A large gathering of students and teachers attended a Memory Training Session by Mr. Vinod Sharma. Mr. Sharma shared his research work along with Digital Mind Online Software which helps students to learn about useful tips practically from anywhere.

Mr. Sharma shared some of the interesting methods to learn fast for better results in exams. A large assembly of students along with teachers listened with great interest during an engaging session. The program was highly appreciated and Mr. Sharma, as usual, encouraged active participation.

Mr. Vinod Sharma who is a renowned Memory Expert and Trainer in India works on Mnemonic Science of Brain Training which not only helps in academics, but also in other spheres of life in Arts and Sports. A trained mind is understood to be relaxed thus assisting in better performances. Mr. Sharma later told about the importance of such training as early as possible for timely and scientific preparation for bigger challenges once school life is over.

Mr. Vinod Sharma assisted ably by his team from Taxway Brain Sciences are making all conscious efforts to deliver such sessions to as many schools as possible at this is a perfect medium of mass education. Some of the glimpses from the seminar:


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