The Vinod Sharma Show – A Brain Science Workshop

This workshop is focused on reducing the study pressure and stress by using educational psychology as well as scientific methods in studies. A record holder, memory and brain science expert, Mr. Vinod Sharma elucidates about the 4 dimensions of education- cognizance, kinesthetic, comprehension and recollection. Seeing the tremendous pressure of studies and competition to score desired marks, students have to skill and use these all four aspects more scientifically. Students must be motivated in studies in current scenario.

Mr. Vinod Sharma practically proves the power of human Brain. According to him, study can become enjoyable if students have a scientific and innovative approach. It also focuses on “Study time management mechanism” for scoring desired marks that too by reducing the study time.

This workshop also includes the importance of current study curriculum in life and roles of a Principal, Teacher, Parents and school in the life of a student. Not only knowledge but skills are more important for success in life. With the help of mnemonic science the studies turn to be interesting and skilled. Mnemonic is a science which enables to recollect fast and accurate. Today’s generation is much smarter than the previous, so they just need to have a smart Brain in studies and studies may also be the cup of tea for them. Thousands of students, teachers and parents register to participate in the Vinod Sharma’s Brain Science Event. Students who are trained on mnemonic science can demonstrate the brain power in the event and may claim to make or break national records in India book of records.

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