Tricks of Memory Improvement 2 – Using Brain Science

How we can do a work in 1 hour which usually takes many hours? The way of doing this is by using Brain Science

We are not able to recollect things as many such things are not stored in our permanent memory. Brain Science defines some principles to memorize things into permanent memory. To explain this conveniently, let’s understand The Principle of ABCD:

Action: Things in action are remembered easily

Big: Things bigger in size are good for memory

Colorful: Colorful things stores in permanent memory

Dimension: 3 D things are easy to recollect and visualize

Emotional: You tend to remember things which is emotionally connected to you

Feeling: Your experience with that thing. How close you are?

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Dr. Vinod Sharma is India’s No. 1 rated Brain Trainer and has delivered lectures all over India. He has addressed lakhs of students and has been helping people in learning fast since more than 14 years. He has been rewarded with Guinness World Records, Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for his memory training.

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