Memory King of India

World Record Holder Dr. Vinod Sharma is the Ultimate Memory King of India. He is not just the Best Memory Trainer around, but is also multi skilled in various other disciplines and is thus fondly called by his students and trainees as the Memory King of India.

What is Memory?

In the context of Brainywood (venture of Dr. Vinod Sharma), Memory is a general term used for Human Memory. It is the ability of a person to memorize lessons, general information, events and other information affecting his / her education, occupation as well as overall personality.

Everybody on this earth can and has to memorize constantly till one is awake. Our Brain functions to let us memorize things and facilitates storing of the information. The information is then recollected as and when required. However each individual differs according to the ability to memorize. Memorizing quickly, retaining it as long as needed and remember and recollect with maximum accuracy when required are the traits which differentiates between success and failure.

There have been people, our ideals, popular for sharp memory. Everyone aspire for sharp memory for greater success in life.

Training the Brain

Speed, volume, longevity and accuracy of what we need to memorize is determined by our brain’s ability. The fast pace of our lives requires the best abled brain. Fortunately and to the surprise of many, the Brain may be trained for better and efficient memorization. Such Brain Training is popularly known as Memory Training or Training the Brain. The techniques used in Memory Training are known as Mnemonics and the subject is collectively termed as Brain Science.

Memory King of India

Apart from individual qualities, a king is someone, who is capable of passing his legacy to generations. Thus a Memory King should be a highly skilled brain which is acknowledged and appreciated. A Memory King also motivates, inspires, lead and train others to attempt and be like him. The trainees should be transformed enough to achieve greater success in their respective careers and personality.

Dr. Vinod Sharma, who has been an accomplished corporate trainer, is also a highly renowned and arguably the best memory trainer in the world. He achieved the feat by establishing Guinness World Record for the Largest Memory Lesson.

Several of his trainees and students have themselves created National Records in similar fields. One of his students, Akshay Jain was added to India Book of Records as Walking Calendar and can recall the day of any date instantly. Vinod Sharma’s venture Brainywood, is also helping students to make and break records in memorization.

Mr. Sharma has conducted hundreds of seminars all over India. In his sessions, he has addressed lakhs of students and teachers. His Memory Seminars have been greatly appreciated with positive reviews.

Dr. Vinod Sharma, on behalf of Brainywood signed MOU with Govt. of Rajasthan

Recently, his concern has signed MOU with Govt. of Rajasthan for training of teachers on recollection skills which will help the teachers to effectively teach students and make them prepared for better marks in their respective exams.

He has also presented the concept before top dignitaries of India, including Chief Ministers from Rajasthan, Delhi and Punjab apart from corporates, renowned educational institutions and other organizations.

Meeting with Hon. CM of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann regarding implementation of Memory Training in schools of Punjab

Presence in Media

Vinod Sharma is truly the Memory King. His works have been published in books written by him. He has also written columns in leading newspapers of India like Rajasthan Patrika. His audio series on Memory Techniques on Big 92.7 FM was highly popular.

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