Vinod Sharma honoured in Great Educational Leader Event

Vinod Sharma was felicitated and honoured by Rotary Club Ajmer as Nation Builder in an event on September 29, 2018 for his contribution to Brain Science Education in the Great Educational Leaders Event.


Mr. Vinod Sharma, renowned for his Brain Training, Memory Techniques Education all over India has immense contribution to academics through his Fast Learning Methods. Also honoured were, Ms. Kulkarni,  LT. Gen. Kulkarni (Principal Mayo College),  Mr. Yadav (Prof. GCA),  Mr. Shrivastav (Principal MPS School Ajmer) and Col. Tyagi (Principal Sanskriti School).

Mr. Gope Mirani, President of Rotary Club Ajmer, presented the Nation Builder Award & Certificate to Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma also got the honour to award Lt. Gen. Kulkarni, Prinicipal of Mayo College. Mr. Vinod Sharma has regularly won many awards and was recently recognised for creating world record in Memory Training by Guinness World Records.

Some of the pics from the event:


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