Vinod Sharma who has recently created Guinness World Record in Largest Memory Lesson has delivered hundreds of sessions not only on Brain Science and Memory Techniques, but on variety of topics.  He is regularly been invited by many Social Organisations, Educational Institutions, Corporate Entities, Events and Government Bodies as an Educational Celebrity to deliver lectures.

Here are some brief Highlights and Profile of what Mr. Sharma has been able to achieve in his career span of around 15 years:

  • Guinness World Record holder.
  • Internationally awarded and renowned as memory expert.
  • Many of his programs have been telecast on national TV channels and radio.
  • Has served companies like NIS, Sparta, Future group and Max India as a corporate trainer with more than 6 years of experience.
  • Has addressed more than 6 lakh trainees so far.
  • Shiksha Shastri
  • Working in the field of brain science and its development for the last 10 years.
  • Holds national record in mimicry of imitating 256 voices.
  • Highly acclaimed motivational speaker.
  • Set three world records in one day including Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records and Guinness World Records. •
  • Best memory and mnemonic trainer award in 2016
  • Record of decade in India Book of Record 2016.
  • An author and columnist, article and story writer, his column MIND IT has been a well acclaimed regular weekly article in Rajasthan Partrika. Many of his writings have been published as cover stories in leading newspapers.
  • Many of his students have created National Records
  • Awarded for being chosen in Top 100 record holders at world stage. 

Undoubtedly, Mr. Vinod Sharma is now looked up as an Educational Celebrity who is widely famous for his contributions and is able to get public attention through his Exhaustive, Energy filled, Knowledge Rich and Eye opening sessions on several topics. His presence hugely increases the attraction of audience and very often, events with him as a speaker are able to achieve their objectives in terms of promotions, publicity and finance.

Here is a brief list of his past many works:

Know more About Vinod Sharma. To invite Vinod Sharma as a Celebrity Educational Speaker, Contact here.

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