A webinar was held for our present and future Business Partners, addressed by Vinod Sharma. Dr. Sharma spoke on the current situation of students using traditional methods of learning.

He introduced the revolutionary memory techniques which makes the learning process lot more convenient and time saving for students. Students who are currently using these techniques which are also known as Mnemonics are very happy with the results. Brainywood in guidance with Dr. Vinod Sharma has joined hands with educationists from all over India to spread the training programs which are used as Brain Training.

Dr. Sharma explained, how joining Brainywood for an educational venture can be very profitable not just in terms of financial gains but also in terms of personal satisfaction of doing a noble work.

The Webinar was held on September 17, 2021. Here is the link of the Webinar‘s (Zoom meeting) recording. Access Passcode: oEmaw$=6

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