Who is the Best Memory Trainer in India? Dr. Vinod Sharma

World Record Holder Dr. Vinod Sharma is the best Memory Trainer

Dr. Vinod Sharma who is renowned Memory Expert and Brain Science Trainer is also the Best Memory Trainer around due to his 5 major achievements. He owns National and World Record and has trained thousands of students. He has rich experience in corporate training and holds a PhD in Memory Training. He also is a Brain Science Entrepreneur.

World Record Holder

Vinod Sharma during his record holding event which made him Best Memory Trainer

Dr. Vinod Sharma, also renowned as Memory Expert is acclaimed as Best Memory Trainer not only in India, but in the world as he entered into Guinness Book of World Records by delivering Largest Memory Lesson in an event held in Ludhiana, India on August 11, 2018 on behalf of his venture Brainywood by Vedic Brain Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Hundreds of Memory Training Seminars delivered all over India

Vinod Sharma has delivered hundreds of seminars on Memory Training

Dr. Sharma is claimed as Best Memory Trainer as he has reached an immensely large number of students through his seminars. Dr. Vinod Sharma has delivered hundreds of seminars in all parts of India where he has addressed lakhs of students, teachers, employees and individuals. The beneficiaries students have managed to improve their exam results with the help of these memory techniques. Memory Training is also making better teachers and trainers, who got to learn essential teaching skills.

More than 15 years as Successful Corporate Trainer

Dr. Vinod Sharma is the Best Memory Trainer because he has been a highly successful corporate trainer. He has served NIS Sparta, Reliance, MetLife, Max Life as senior trainer in the subjects of Insurance as well as Marketing. He also has rich academic experience as Teacher.

Doctorate in Brain Science Training

Dr. Vinod Sharma being rewarded with Doctorate

Dr. Vinod Sharma is also awarded the title of “Dr.” when he was conferred with Doctorate by World Records University in Delhi on December 25, 2019. He has written several books, articles and newspaper columns. He has also appeared in broadcast media like Big FM and Aaj Tak, where he has delivered his Memory Lessons.

Co founder of Brainywood, Best Memory Training Mobile App

TV Commercial of Brainywood featuring Vinod Sharma

Vinod Sharma is also the brain behind Brainywood Memory Training Mobile App which has Free and Paid Courses on Making Learning Fast and Simple. As a Brain Science Entrepreneur, Vinod Sharma and his team is also creating more entrepreneurs through Brainywood’s Franchise model. The Brainywood Mobile App has animated videos featuring Vinod Sharma, and teaches students, how to learn GK, Science Equations, Math Formula, Diagrams, Historical Dates, Geography and much more in an innovative manner. The App has more than 5000+ users in less than a year.

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