Merit is a symbol of success. Hardworking students look at merit as their goal, to be successful in today’s time

‘Either you become the better of the best OR you become the different from the rest.’

For being better of the best, it takes a lot of efforts and time but being different can be easier, smarter and faster. In other words, Being different is being Meritorious.

To be on merit, an aspirant need to

  1. Read well
  2. Write well
  3. understand well
  4. Memorize well
  5. Retain well
  6. Recollect accurately

Agree? This is called Learning cycle.

If you are preparing for your exams you will do all these 5 steps to finally reach at 6th step that is ’Recollect’ in exam correctly. If the mistakes are less, the chances of Merit are more!

Most of the mistakes are made in recollection. Isn’t it? Because you learned how to read, write and understand well. Even you memorize before the exam and you learned repetition and cramming way of memorization. But have you learned HOW TO RECOLLECT? What is the best way of accurate and complete recollection?

Even in schools and institutions, mostly we are taught, How to read, write and understand well but are we ever taught How to recollect in exams? This is the gap in your preparation for merit.

Brain Science Learning, is a book written by Dr. Vinod Sharma and has Best Memory Methods, tips which will make learning easy. In this book you will not only learn How to memorize fast, how to retain longer and stronger but also you will learn How to recollect! The book was also acknowledged by Hon. CM of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal and Dy. CM of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodiya. It’s an honour to be appreciated by Government known for its innovation in education.

Remember we get marks only for recollection of knowledge what you obtain in the whole year. That means, reading, writing, understanding and memorizing are learning steps and recollection is the test of learning so recollection science can also be called as Exam Science.

The Book is available for buying online:


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