How to use Brainywood Learning App by Vinod Sharma

Demo of Brainywood Learning App by Vinod Sharma explained

Introduction to the Brainywood Learning App

This post explains how to use Brainywood Learning App by Vinod Sharma. Dr. Vinod Sharma, who is World’s # 1 Memory Trainer has written several methods also known as Memory Techniques to make Learning Easier and Faster and thus becoming very helpful for students.

Not just the students, these Memory Techniques are helpful for teachers equally as they may use better learning techniques to make their students learn faster and perform better in exams. The Brainywood Learning App is a venture of Vedic Brain Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an Ed Tech company dedicated to innovative education. Dr. Vinod Sharma is the co-founder of the company and is the chief brain behind the App.

Come let’s know, what is Brainywood?

Topics covered in the demo of Brainywood Learning App:

The demo video will let our users understand how to use all the amazing, interactive features, usage and benefits of this award winning app.

  1. Installing and signing up on Brainywood Application
  2. Courses section
  3. Quiz section
  4. Notes & Exercise section
  5. Chat section

Watch the demo Video on Youtube

For the convenience of our users, we have uploaded the demo video explaining each and every step on youtube so that you may access it anytime from anywhere whenever you need a hand. See the Demo Video of Brainywood Learning Ap

See the Demo Video of Brainywood Learning App in English:

How to get Brainywood Learning App?

The Brainywood Learning App is available to download and install on both Android as well as iOS mobile devices. In case of any concern our visitors may reach out to:

Email: or

Call: +919680096454

Featured Trainer of Brainywood Learning App

The most exciting part of Brainywood Learning App is that it covers not just academics but also trains of life skills as well as vocational disciplines. The mobile learning software was co founded by Dr. Vinod Sharma who was rewarded with Guinness World Records for his Memory Training.

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