Memory Training Mobile App making Learning Easy and Stress Free

Memory Training Mobile App by Brainywood

Our company, Vedic Brain Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Startup from Ajmer in Rajasthan (India). Company works on promoting stress free learning and education with the help of our scientifically designed unique Mobile App. Our Memory Training Mobile App, Brainywood is based on principles of Brain Science. It helps in Memory Training and thereby assists in longer retention and faster recollection of lessons learnt with the help of the Memorizing Techniques called as Mnemonics.

Today a surprising fact is that the students study hard and get good marks but after some time they forget most of the things. This shows that something is wrong in our education system which needs to be corrected. 

What does the app do?

The learning process becomes very easy once students learn with these methods. Not just the learning becomes fast, but the retention and recollection are also tremendously improved. Our Mobile App is now an effective tool to improve memory even from one’s home and learning using scientific techniques. It offers scientific techniques of learning which make study content enjoyable, increase concentration, learn effectively, and most importantly, give students permanent memory.

Founders of Brainywood

The App is developed by Company’s Director Mr. Dhruv Suwalka and Brain Science Expert Dr. Vinod Sharma. Mr. Sharma holds Guinness World Record in Memory Training apart from many more achievements in the field of Education and Corporate Training. Both of them worked tirelessly for years to deliver this solution for the students using educational psychology and other memorizing principles.

Helping in easy learning for all

Now Mr. Suwalka and Mr. Sharma are striving and attempting to convince the Government of Rajasthan and other states to use this memory training mobile app in Educational Institutions and Government Schools. They aspire to train students to help their learning through this app which they are willing to provide Free of Cost to needy students. In order to use the app effectively, the company is also offering Free Training to teachers and administrators of such educational concerns which come forward in adopting these techniques.

Both founders are born and brought up in Rajasthan and are closely and emotionally connected with Ajmer. Their love for the city is inspiring them and they have achieved a lot here. They want to return the favour by helping Government Schools by providing a platform which helps students in memorizing. They aim to help students in achieving greater success in National and International Competitive Exams with the help of these memory techniques.

Media Coverage

Media news on Memory Training Mobile App by Brainywood
News Published in Dainik Bhaskar (leading Hindi daily newspaper) on October 11, 2021

The Mobile App has been received favourably by educationists and media equally. Here is the article published by leading newspaper on this Memory Training Mobile App.

Brainywood- India’s First Learning App providing Stress-Free Education & Sharper Memory – By Digital Pitaraa

How to Use Brainywood Learning App?

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