Participate in India’s Memory Test

India's Memory Test

India’s Memory Test is the most unique National Level Test in the history of Indian School Education. The test will be conducted by Brainywood and will be participated by more than 1 lakh students of 300+ schools, 10+ states and 18+ Districts.

Need for The Memory Test

After pandemic, there have been lot of changes in the lifestyle of students, their reading and learning habits along with many other factors. This has hugely affected their academics. According to various reports, things related to student’s memory and studies have greatly suffered.

To retain and revamp all these, The Memory Test of India is an attempt to make the students return to normal studies with renewed and powerful mind. Every child has unlimited potential, but they never get a chance to witness it. At the time of examination, majority of the students forget what they memorized. Children can do a lot better if they train their minds in the right direction.

The Memory Test will assess the ability of students to memorize, retain and recollect what they learnt. It will also measure their accuracy. This will help our Research Team to scientifically evaluate and implement Brain Science and Memory Techniques which could lead the students towards a powerful mind trained to memorize better. The Memory Test will reward the students on the basis of their memorization ability.

Memory Test Details

  • Eligibility: Class 3rd to class 12th grade
  • No. of levels: 3
  • Test dates: Level 1 – September 5 to September 20 | Level 2 – December 2022 | Level 3 – April / May 2023
  • Test Mode: Online
  • Test Platform: Brainywood App
  • Test Timing: 11 AM to 7 PM

Students need to select one time slot available in IMT section on Brainywood App or as allocated by your school and can take the exam during the login window.

Last date of registration will be 24 hours before the date of test

Results will be announced on Brainywood App, to the participants directly and to the participating schools.

How to participate in the Memory Test

  1. Download and Register on Brainywood App for Free
  2. Click on IMT section on the app and complete Double your Memory Course (DYM) – 3 days Memory Training. All the questions in IMT will be asked from this course.
  3. To check your ability for IMT, you may attempt the mock certification test under DYM course
  4. Register and get ready to become India’s Memory King

India’s Memory King

The Memory Test will be rewarding the skills of great memorization. The top scorer in the test will be crowned as India’s Memory King. Rewards, awards and recognition will be given to top 100 schools and students. Additionally top distinct 25 schools will get international recognition on national platform. Event will be covered by prominent national media.

For more details on IMT, download the IMT Awards and Rewards File

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