Webinar by Dr. Vinod Sharma

Intelligent Meet is a series of Webinars by Brain Training Expert Dr. Vinod Sharma for Principals & Educators on subject of Better Learning Methods. These methods have potential to make memorization simpler and more result oriented.

Brain Induction Program for schools
Brain Science India proposes to conduct a one hour online workshop named “Brain Science Learning – A training of recollection” for educational institutions. This is a TTT (Train the Teacher) program titled “Intelligent Meet” which is a dedicated training program to enhance teaching skills and add value to all the teaching staff.

Who should attend this workshop
The workshop is primarily for Teachers of any educational institution aiming for higher marks of their students.

What is the duration of the workshop
This online workshop is held regularly and is of approx. 1 hour duration. The program is delivered online, so the teachers may attend it from anywhere on their mobile phones or PCs.

Values for teachers
This training develops KASH values in teachers i.e.

K – Knowledge
A – Attitude
S – Skills
H – Habits

This training helps to develop following in students:

  1. Interest in studies
  2. Reducing study time by increasing learning effectiveness
  3. Avoid mistakes in examination
  4. Increase the result percentage
  5. Empowering retention and recollection skills
  6. Self motivation in self studies
  7. Faster memorization, longer retention and quick and accurate recollection in studies.
  8. Overall development of the brain and personality

How Schools / Educational institutions will be benefitted

  1. Better Exam results
  2. Stress free education to students
  3. Scientific techniques in study patterns
  4. School staff skill development through TTT
  5. 4th dimension of education – Science of recollection equipped education
  6. Trained students and teachers on memorization, retention and recollection
  7. Uniqueness in industry will give competitive edge

The Trainer
Guinness World Record Holder, Dr. Vinod Sharma is educating and training in the subject of Memory Training since more than a decade.

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