Webinars on Memory Training by Best Memory Trainer Vinod Sharma

Online Memory Training by best Memory Trainer Vinod Sharma

Keeping in mind the Covid Guidelines prescribed by Government of India, Dr. Vinod Sharma who holds Guinness World Record for largest Memory Lesson and is Best Memory Trainer invites teachers and students for Webinars on Memory Training.

What are Memory Training Webinars

Memory Webinars are regularly held events organised in association with Brainywood by Dr. Vinod Sharma. These events are held on Internet keeping in mind the prevailing Covid restrictions. Dr. Vinod Sharma delivers seminars on Memory Techniques which are organized by educational and social institutions. However for now, students and teachers may follow him virtually and connect with him through these special Memory Webinars.

How these Webinars may be helpful

The Memory Webinars are beneficial for teachers as well as students alike. Expertly compiled, a webinar helps one to Train his / her Brain to memorize in a certain way, making the whole learning process scientific. This scientific way of learning is known as Mnemonics which assists in faster memorization, longer retention and accurate recollection.

The students may observe the results within an hour of learning basic memory techniques taught by India’s No. 1 Memory Trainer Dr. Vinod Sharma. Students also get to know about the Online Memory Training Courses offered by Brainywood and may also join one of these courses for Free !

For teachers, these webinars present an exciting career opportunity. Brainywood is joining hands with teachers and trainers all over India to spread their courses to as many students as possible. And the rewards are not just financially attractive, but also important for an overall development of the trainers.

Salient Features of the Webinars

  1. Anyone desiring to learn or help others to learn may join
  2. Webinars are conducted LIVE as well as recorded on Zoom and YouTube
  3. The event may be joined from anywhere as they are held on internet
  4. There is no joining fee. The webinar is absolutely free
  5. Missed an event? These webinars are conducted regularly, so you may join the next whenever convenient
  6. The webinar presents opportunity to interact personally with Guinness World Record Holder, Dr. Vinod Sharma
  7. Apart from discussion on Memory Techniques, Dr. Sharma also speaks on Examination Stress and making studies more interesting through unconventional Brain Science.
  8. The participants are given an opportunity to join paid courses at discounted fee
  9. These Webinars are like introductory Memory Training Courses which may lead students to achieve higher marks in exams
  10. The event is of around 40-90 minutes duration and is available in English as well as Hindi languages.

How to Join the Memory Training Webinar

Joining one of these webinars is very simple. You need to have Zoom App for LIVE Webinars. To know the upcoming webinars, click on the following link:

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