Brain Hacks by Vinod Sharma to learn anything faster

What are the Brain Hacks which helps to Learn Anything Faster just before exams?

Brain Hacks are essentially Brain Training Methods which helps to Learn Anything Faster. These methods helps to memorize Historical Dates, Scientific atomic numbers, Science Equations, General Knowledge, English Vocabulary, Foreign Language, Math Formulas, Theory in points and most of the studies which usually takes a long time to learn. One can learn literally anything including long digit bank account numbers and mobile numbers.

How these Brain Hacks help in Learning Fast?

Brain Hacks are essentially Brain Training Methods which helps to Learn Anything Faster. These methods helps to memorize Historical Dates, Scientific atomic numbers, Science Equations, General Knowledge, English Vocabulary, Foreign Language, Math Formulas, Theory in points and most of the studies which usually takes a long time to learn. One can learn literally anything including long digit bank account numbers and mobile numbers.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 basic methods of memory techniques which acts as Brain Hacks to Learn

1. Form Abbreviation to memorize points or parts of a sentence

Brain Hacks to Learn Anything Faster
Abbreviation method of Memory Techniques to Learn Faster before Exams

This Memory Trick uses a single letter from every point. These letters are then used to form a single word. For example: Management comprises Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling. Now to memorize these 5 areas of management, we pick their initials which is POSDC.

So if you want to memorize a similar sentence, the initials may be combined to form a word which will give you a clue of the exact terms. Ofcourse if the order of the points is important, this method may not be too helpful if you have to shuffle around the letters to form a memorable word. Even if the points are too many, this method may not be very effective.

That is where we will have to use more advanced methods.

2. Visualize and Memorize History like a Story

Brain Hacks to learn History faster by Vinod Sharma
Story formation as Memory Techniques to learn History faster before exams

We often forget what we learnt but remembering a movie we just saw once is much easier. Always approach learning with relaxed state of mind. Concentrate and try to visualize your lesson like a movie. Attempt with a small part first.

For example: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre has lots of events around it. Rowlatt Act, Protest in Jallianwala Bagh, Firing by troops led by General Dyer, O Dwyer’s Assassination are the events made easier to remember through many documentaries and Bollywood movies like Legend of Bhagat Singh and Rang De Basanti.

Clue is to watch a good documentary made on the event and feel yourself a part of it. This will make the memorization part easier to learn and remember. Before we go in depth and learn more complex things, it is important to understand Imagination and Association.

3. Imagination and Association to memorize English Vocabulary (Words and meanings)

Brain Hacks to Learn Anything faster by Vinod Sharma
Imagination & Association to memorize difficult words of English and Foreign Vocabulary

Imagination is used to visualize any word related to what we want to learn. Words which are not part of our frequently used conversation are usually difficult to memorize. For example scientific words or English Vocabulary. Now to memorize these words, we will have to give it a meaningful picture.

Example: Aggrandize
The task here is to memorize this word and its meaning. To do this, let’s try to imagine this word like a picture. We need to recite this word 2-3 times to work out something meaningful from it. Can we think of A-Grand-Ice? Can we imagine a big size block of ice? Certainly yes. So let’s move forward.

Association is used to link our recently formed picture with the meaning of the word we are discussing. The meaning of the word Aggrandize is – Enhance power, wealth or status. Now we need to imagine someone known to us. Imagine that someone standing on that Big Size of Ice. Imagine, he or she became powerful, wealthy and people have started him / her respecting more than before. All this happened because of standing on A Grand Ice.

So now whenever you will find the word Aggrandize, you will remember that person standing on Big Size Ice Block which will give you a clue of its meaning which is, enhance power, wealth or status. The best part of this method is that it can be done vice versa too. If you require to give the enhance power, wealth or status, you will remember that person standing on ice block and with practice, you will be able to remember the word as well.

Can you use the same technique to memorize “Largess”? Share your solution in the comment section. The same method may also be applied to learn Foreign Language Vocabulary.

Easy now? Share in the comment section if you liked this way of memorizing difficult words of English. You will get to learn many more words which also includes foreign language with the help of Brainywood’s Memory Training Mobile App.

4. Mental Hooks to memorize long list of things to do

Brain Hacks to memorize anything faster
Memory Pegs (Hooks) to memorize long list like Tasks to do

Mental hooks are formed from your permanent memory. Every one of us has something stored in our brain which we hardly forget. In this Brain Hack, we will take help of something which one can see (or visualize) even when it cannot be seen! Confused? Try to imagine your living room. List down 10-15 things which you can see in your room.

Things in living room may vary but for example let us list down some objects which you might see in your case too:

  1. Gate
  2. Curtains
  3. Clock
  4. Photo Frame / Painting
  5. Light
  6. Fan
  7. Air conditioner / Cooler
  8. TV
  9. Sofa / Chairs
  10. Light switches

Associate your list with the mental hooks you just formed from your living room. A funny association will be more effective. Let us do the first five as an example for you.

  1. Sharma uncle is sticking to the gate.
  2. Curtains are dipped in wall paint.
  3. Clock has jumped into your bedroom and made it dirty.
  4. Photo frame is made of Math formulas
  5. Chocolates are hanging on tubelight.

Ofcourse your mental hooks may be more than what we described here and you may get confused with what is used where. You may also miss the order of your tasks. Good thing is that our advanced methods will help you in creating more hooks and let you memorize more complex things. You may learn about them in detail on Brainywood’s Memory Training Mobile App.

5. Convert numbers to pictures to memorize a Date

Brain Hacks to Learn Anything Faster
Number to Picture formation to learn any important date faster

Here is a very useful Brain Hack to memorize dates. A date is comprised of Day of the month, name of month and the year. While learning History, memorizing and remembering historical dates is one of the most challenging part.

The Brain Hack to Learn Any Date is a bit lengthy part of the entire Memory Training Course. However, in this example, we will attempt to memorize only the Day and month. The process for memorizing complete date will be discussed in forthcoming articles.

Remembering important dates like Birthday, Marriage Anniversaries in day to day life is important part of social life. While we do have technology for it but to recall it without any assistance reflects your social bonding with someone.

The days of the month will always be between 1 and 31. In this Memory Training Method, we are discussing 1 to 10. You may follow Brainywood’s Memory Training Mobile App to learn all of them in detail. We have used pictures to represent these numbers. For easy remembrance, our pictures are rhyming with their respective numbers.
• 1 is Sun
• 2 is Shoe
• 3 is Tree
• 4 is Door
• 5 is Knife
• 6 is Kicks
• 7 is Heaven
• 8 in Slate
• 9 is mine (Coal mine)
• 10 is Hen

Now for months, we are using different set of pictures. For easy remembrance here as well, the number of the month has a value with it.
• 1 is January – 1 is King
• 2 is February – 2 is Eye (We have 2 eyes)
• 3 is March – 3 is Monkey (imagine 3 monkeys of Gandhiji)
• 4 is April – 4 is Car (imagine 4 wheels in car)
• 5 is May – 5 is Fist (5 fingers)
• 6 is June – 6 is Sixer (Cricket)
• 7 is July – 7 is Rainbow (7 colors)
• 8 is August – 8 is Octopus (8 limbs)
• 9 is September – 9 is Solar System (9 popular planets although we now recognize only 8 of them)
• 10 is October – 10 is Ravana (10 heads)
• 11 is November – 11 is Team (Cricket team with 11 players)
• 12 is December – 12 is Bunch of Banana (A dozen banana)

Remaining task is easy once we are prepared with our number pictures. We need to associate Day, Month, Event and Person together to form an easy to remember action.

For example: We need to memorize Sundar’s Birthday which is on December 9. Let’s represent Birthday Event as Birthday Cap. Here we have Coal Mine, Banana Bunch, Birthday Cap and Sundar. Imagine Sundar coming out of coal mine, clothes blackened due to coal, with Banana bunch hanging on his neck and wearing a colorful triangular birthday cap. So now whenever you will recall December as Banana, the whole picture will be mentally visible to you and you will be able to recollect the remaining part which tells you that Sundar’s Birthday will be on 9th of this month.

To memorize date with year, you will have to use advanced methods. Brainywood Memory Training Mobile App has video lessons with interesting animation and lots of examples to remember any kind of date with year.

How to improve learning speed and accuracy with these Brain Hacks?

These 5 Brain Hacks form the basis to Learning Anything Faster. Brainywood’s advanced Brain Training will further improve your learning with important tips, dos and don’ts of these methods.

The task will become easier with more applications and practice. Our advanced methods on Brainywood’s Memory Training Mobile App will improve your recollection speed and accuracy.

Dr. Vinod Sharma who is India’s Best Memory Trainer works on Brain Training which is also renowned as Memory Techniques. His venture, Brainywood offers a Memory Training Mobile App where students may access hundreds of videos on how to learn anything faster than traditional learning methods.

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