Memory Techniques Workshop by Vinod Sharma

A skill enhancing workshop especially based on different memory techniques was organised on Saturday, 18 December jointly by Jaycees Public School & Delhi Public School Rudrapur. The resource person Dr. Vinod Sharma is a renowned memory expert and Guinness World Record holder.

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. Memory Training is one of the most important skills shaping futures. Popular as Brain Hacks to learn anything faster, Memory Training is helping students in overcoming examination fear by helping them learn faster, remember longer and retain quicker.

DPS Rudrapur, a part of the prestigious Delhi Public School chain, is one of the best schools in country. Brainywood was invited to deliver a workshop for teaching staff where they are introduced to these fast learning methods which we believe, will not just make them better teachers, but more liked ones too. Students will be immensely helped by the memory techniques which will help them to learn anything from their academics faster.

The workshop was held on Saturday, December 18. Several other dignitaries from SAARC Education Foundation, Nepal were also present to witness this event. The teaching staff of both the schools attended the interactive session and learnt many new techniques which can be utilised to improve academic performance of students.

The session received huge accolades, as the esteemed school quoted on their social post – “The session was highly interactive and informative. The resource person bound the session throughout. Such workshops help the teachers to hone their skills. These techniques and methods can be easily executed in the classrooms. The teachers become more resourceful and which definitely develop different skills of students.”

They further added, “Recapitulation is the part where actually the students lag. Recapitulation can be better done when all the senses work altogether. This memory learning workshop deals with this part and help the teachers as well as students to memorize for a long term.”

Dr. Vinod Sharma is India’s Best Memory Trainer who delivers Seminars and Workshops on Memory Training and other skills. He has delivered thousands of sessions across India. He is also the co-founder of Brainywood which is a Memory Training Mobile App.

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